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Marriage Proposal - Will You Marry Me?

Marriage Proposal - Will You Marry Me?


Life, in itself is a big process of change management. We develop from Infancy to Childhood to adolescent to being adult. On relations entrance, we've got parents. We now have relatives. We get in touch with many individuals; interact with some folks and then we make few mates, some as Skilled Pals and few as Social Associates however there's one and just one (these days, I can use the time period "few") person in our life to whom we promise our life-lengthy commitment. We wish to spend remainder of our life with this person. Before making such dedication, we need to be double sure of ourselves. We seek the advice of all our associates and relations before making such commitment. Those are the selections that we prefer to take as soon as and only once in our life and we do not wish to remorse these selections within the later stage of our life. If we take a flawed choice or make a improper selection, it haunts us for the rest of our life.

So, what are the parameters or factors that one considers or keeps in thoughts before accepting the surprise musical proposal of marriage? What goes in their thoughts when somebody proposes them? How do they put together themselves earlier than proposing someone?

Some Frequent Parameters and Factors

Being a buddy with somebody of opposite gender is one thing. One can even go for dating. But, marrying somebody and making a life-long dedication is altogether a distinct thing. Women and men have totally different standards and parameters which they consider and have in mind while accepting the marriage proposal. Then, these parameters are in several order of priority and differ from male-to-female and male-to-female. I spoke to a few folks across India to find out what parameters they consider earlier than making a life long commitment to somebody? Hence, these parameters mirror Indian Culture and thinking sample of Indian People, notably Indian Youths.

Parameters for Males

Males consider following parameters earlier than making a life long dedication to a female.

1. Appears to be like, options and different physical attributes

2. Respect for his dad and mom and relations

3. Character and Values of girl

4. Social - Status of the family

5. Financial Status of the family

6. Previous of the lady

7. Schooling

8. Emotional Stability

9. Must be prepared to take-up household tasks

10. Should assist him in all conditions and circumstances

11. Considering the present financial scenario...she is expected to be an expert

(Order of Preference may differ from Male-to-Male)

We mentioned this with many individuals and tried to know and understand their views and ideas on this. A few of the responses from Males are as follows:

1) Raphael Gilbert (Guide at Modis International): From my experience, commitment from a girl relies upon upon her age.

1) Underneath 25 - Commitment relies purely on looks. They fall in love simply but frankly are solely concerned with having enjoyable/quick term commitments that "in general" lead nowhere.

2) Over 25 - As soon as a lady has had enough 'fun' they gradually begin to realize that they need children - a family and many others, and albeit the guys they considered fun are by no means an excellent position-model. They begin to change their priorities from looks... to wage package/stability/career prospects and secondly (and this is generally a must) a humorousness (as if they can't have the seems to be they need a man who can not less than make them laugh!). It's a sad but true truth - but they accept us guys thinking (Effectively he might not be Tom Hanks but a minimum of I am going to have a very good life/cash/a pleasant family and I wont be alone).

This sadly, is true for I'd say 80% of women. I'm fairly lucky and have found the girl of my desires who VERY fortunately for me does not fall into this category, nonetheless, I challenge any lady to inform me I'm improper!